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Are you looking for solutions to increase your business sales and attract new customers?

A team of experts is here to help you improve your online presence and take your business to the next level.

We can create a PERSONALISED services plan for your business.

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Online Marketing Services

Create a Smart Business Plan & Business Evaluation

Create your Customer’s Profile & Competitor Market Research

Social Media Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Track Ads performance and maintenance

 SEO content optimisation,  PR Consultation & Copywriting

Email marketing & Facebook Chatbot

Web Development Services

Create a Professional Website in WordPress & Domain set-up

Web server & WordPress – Theme & Plugin Installations

Application installation, Hosting & Maintenance

SEO website pages optimisation, Google Analytics

Build – Laravel N page website with Contact Form

Email set-up, Install a pop-up chat on the website

Connect the website pop-up chat to your Facebook chat bot

Graphic Design Services

Single Logo Design & Logo Pack Creation, 3D Design

Custom Brand Imagery, Branded documentation

Custom editable PDFs

Vector/illustration Design for Large Physical Media

Front-end Web Design:Site layout, navigation, styling Doka

Static Web Pages, Short Advertisement Videos Social Media

Branding, Full Rebranding

The Business Plan That Works for You!

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Personalised Marketing Plan


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Ideal Solution Management

Founded in 2019 by Cristina Rapcea, an expert in SEO, marketing, sales and product management.

Based in Manchester , UK and collaborating with companies worldwide.

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