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Personalised Online 1-to-1 Marketing Classes

Social Media & Advertising

Learn Social Media Marketing & Create Social Media content

Strategy for Social Media, Create Ads on Social Media

Social Media Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Manage Ads on Social Media, Tracking & Data Analysis

Create a Facebook chatbot, Email marketing

Building a Social Media community

SEO content

Writing Content & UX

Learn about User Experience

Create a structure for your text, different types of readers

Email Marketing & Templates, Best practices

Tools for copywriting, Keyword research, writing blogs

Introduction to SEO optimisation

How to research for copywriting, create original content

Introduction to SEO

What is SEO and how can we use SEO

Stand out with SEO, optimise your text with SEO

Best practices for keyword research & competitor research

Must have WP Plugins for SEO, building backlinks

How to use Google Analytics and Google Search Console

SEO & Social Media

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