What Are The Facebook Retargeting Ads?

Advertising on facebook can bring you customers to your website in no time, but it is very important that you are able to trace them back and maximise your spending on ads.

Retargeting facebook ads will bring back the audience that stopped in the process of purchase on your website.

In this article you will find a lot of information that will help you increase your sales using different types of retargeting facebook ads for any business.

We will explain first what is involved in this process of advertising from conversion funnel to types of traffic, benefits of facebook retargeting ads and the different types of retargeting ads and how to set them up.

Conversion funnel

Creating a conversion funnel is the wisest thing to do when you start going online with a business.

A conversion funnel will ensure that everything is organised before you start your advertising and with that you will see a lower cost per click as facebook likes the content of the ads to be relevant to your landing page.

First of all you should create a lead-capturing landing page to advertise your product or services, having sharp and crispy content, descriptive enough to make your potential customers understand what you are promoting.

Your content should inspire trust, so using testimonials, partnerships that are visible and valuable to your business will ensure that.

Secondly, you need to drive traffic to your landing page organically with an SEO optimised website, backlinks, and you can start to move on towards organising a paid campaign on facebook.

The third component of a successful marketing strategy is to know how to retain and keep in touch with your customers with an email marketing system.

Set up smart email marketing campaigns with the help of an expert, creating a plan to engage and re-engage people.

Always use a tracking system for your sales funnels and make sure you set up Google Analytics to track every movement on your website.

‘Warm’ traffic versus ‘Cold’ traffic

Understanding your target audience is essential for setting up any campaign and for retargeting ads, you need to understand how ‘warm’ is your website’s traffic.

In marketing we see website traffic as being ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ in regards to the business, product or service we are trying to promote.

The ‘cold’ traffic represents all the people that just stumbled across your brand because they were searching for a product or service you are offering and they found you, or saw your paid ads and got curious to find out more.

In a nutshell ‘cold’ traffic is represented by all the new people that land on your website without knowing your brand, and making that good first impression is going to have a major impact on their acquisition behaviour.

To drive this kind of traffic to your website you need to create brand awareness campaigns, blog articles and optimise your website’s SEO.

The ‘warm’ traffic is the one that can get you to convert into sales very quickly, because these are the people who already know your brand, they already know your product or services after visiting your website and even converted in a purchase.

The traffic to your website can be maintained  ‘warm’ with the help of email marketing campaigns and that is why you need to have a mailing system that keeps attracting people back to your website.

Most of the companies use ONLY facebook ads to attract new customers, generating a constant ‘cold’ traffic to their website, which in a lot of cases converts into sales.

Depending on how well the content of the landing page is, how good is user experience and the  facebook ad itself, you can see a certain degree of success.

The Benefits of Retargeting Facebook Ads

What most of the business owners tend to miss is the re-engagement opportunity, the retargeting possibility offered by Facebook with the retargeting ads.

Facebook gives us the chance to ‘reuse’ the traffic that was already generated, our ‘warm’ traffic and find those potential customers once again and convert it into a sale.

Retargeting campaigns have the great benefit of having the job half done, it is all in your power and skills, or the specialist you hire, to just give the necessary push for your ‘warm’ traffic to make the purchase.

Retargeting ads are similar to a recycling system, where nothing gets lost, everything is reused and it is a win-win situation for you and your customers.

It is a pity not to take advantage of the:

  • Money you have already invested in paid Facebook campaigns
  • The time you already spent bringing these people to your website
  • Losing customers that already showed interest in your ads

And the best part is that retargeting ads can go a long way even with smaller budgets, as you are not trying to expand your reach, you are just trying to convince your audience to trust you enough to make the conversion.

It all sounds great and understanding the different types of retargeting ads, is understanding what was the issue in the first place.

5-Type of Retargeting Facebook Ads You Should Try

The 5 different types of retargeting ads listed here,  address the major problem that made your ‘warm’ audience turn away.

We need to address these issues and to do that, we need to start by dividing our ‘warm’ traffic issues into lists.

With the help of the facebook pixel that was installed on your website in the first place, when you made your first paid campaign on facebook, you will be then able to see how far your ‘warm traffic’ went.

Some stop from the first moment they land on the page and bounce, others take their time to read or watch videos, and many more  just stop at check-out, leaving right before converting into a sale.

Managing your budget for retargeting ads depends a lot on the size of your audience, a preliminary analysis is necessary to determine how much you need to invest to reach them once again.

These 5 types of retargeting ads on facebook  will fix these issues, one by one.

1.Carousel Testimonial Ads.

This first type of ads is one of the best ways to convince people to make a purchase based on other people’s experience with your brand.

Trust and credibility is everything in business and for that you need at least 3 testimonials for your carousel ad.

You can use for your carousel testimonial ads images or videos, each testimonial has to address different benefits, and the best is to visually showcase a 5-star system

Carousel Testimonial ads can be used for giving credibility to your product/service’s top 3 benefits, reasons for purchasing and expected results, benefits of that purchase.

Testimonials are very important and they should be very visible at the top of your landing sales webpage.

Add each of these benefits as a headline to your carousel facebook ad, write why this is a benefit and how you can deliver it to your customer and how long it take.

Give each benefit a visual component using an icon or an image, add striking images that capture your attention

2. Objection busting-ads.

Burst the bubble of your ‘warm’ traffic with an undeniable list of their most common objections for making the purchase.

This reverse psychology in the form of a facebook ad, but it works.

You might think right away about the price as a common objection to a purchase, but you need to go deeper than that and tackle motivation.

Address things that are usually missing, like someone not being convinced that the product will work for them, or not convinced that the product is for them.

With the right conviction in the power of your product/service, the wallet will open.

Here is where the ad will address all these doubts and create trust, because you are seeing your ad from your customer’s perspective.

Start by creating a list of their top 3 objections that you can turn around with a good explanation and a convincing content. 

You can create a video in which you address these objections and offer an exact solution and the confidence for people to actually buy your product or service.

Organise these busting objection ads in groups, so that people can click on the one that resonates most with them, address each objection in a different video and have them run in the same time, targeting the same people, your ‘warm’ traffic.

The video should look natural, in a selfie style,  with a good quality phone or camera, good lightning,  almost like a discussion with a good friend.

Don’t forget about the different placements available for facebook ads, so consider the length of your video from that perspective.

3. Offer coupons or free offers.

Everybody loves coupons and free offers and it is the easiest way to convince people to purchase.

Many people love a brand, they follow it waiting for a good offer to make a purchase and a coupon or freebies will get them on board..

Make an offer that they can’t refuse, something your customers need and something you feel comfortable to offer.

Use urgency and scarcity, giving the offer only for a very limited time, end of week, 24-hours or a few days, whatever works for you and whatever you can actually deliver.

You could create bundles that offer freebies, an extra something that adds a great value to your offer.

4. Up-sell or cross-sell.

This type of ads re-engages previous customers with new offers, so you need to make sure you are not selling them the same product.

You can sell them the same product or service, but with a higher level, or with a better offer if it is something that can be renewed, like a subscription.

Try to think about which products or services would be complementary with the ones already purchased by your customers and create an offer they need, and would make a great add-on to their previous purchase.

If you have several products, services, divide your ads into groups and group people as well based on the products they bought and create specific offers for each group.

Try to think from the perspective of your customers and make it profitable for yourself too.

DPA Retargeting Ads to Speed Up Sales

One more type of retargeting ads that you can create on Facebook are the DPA.

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, or DPA, are dynamic product ads that can help you step in the sales process, speeding things up a bit.

These dynamic ads will appear to your ‘warm’ audience no matter what type of action they’ve performed on your website.

The most effective is going to be with the audience that has already a knowledge of your brand, is in the consideration phase and they just need to be pursued more.

Setting these DPA facebook ads requires a bit more time and expertise, but with the help of a marketing expert you can see results pretty quick.

Retargeting ads can be used by any type of business from ecommerce, to education, tech, health, as you will address the same issue that stops your audience from converting.

Analyse what is making your audience turn away from purchase and create the perfect retargeting facebook ad to turn them back.

It is important to check the insights from facebook every few days at the beginning of a retargeting campaign and also your Google Analytics.

Facebook offers a lot of information and after 3-4 days the ads should have collected enough data for you to understand if it is performing well enough or needs adjusting.

Once you will set-up a retargeting facebook ads system it will only be a matter of adjusting and analysing the results and as with any paid advertising, the process is improved as time goes by.

I hope this article has helped you to create better performing targeting ads.

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