A Must-Have Business App for Sales Professionals

At ISM marketing agency we work with many customers around the world and now, more than ever we understand how important it is to support and promote eco-friendly businesses.

Small and large business owners are encouraged to make steps towards using techonology for a safer, smarter and efficient way to do business.

Contapp is one of UK’s eco-friendly companies,   appreciated for their sustainable business model, a zero waste company that will help to reduce the paper waste.

According to them, 10 billion business cards are printed every year and 88% of them end up in the bin within a week of using them!

That is a huge waste for our global environment and a nonsense given the technologies available on the market for business owners.

We recommend Contapp because with this mobile app you can:

  • Scan Business Card

No need to carry hundreds of paper, metal or plastic business cards in your wallet and worry about losing your contacts.

The app is simple to use by scanning the card, you immediately store the information on your app library.

Even if you choose to keep the business cards on your desk, in time they will degrade and eventually they will end up in the bin.

  • Save Location

You meet hundreds of people every year and it is hard to remember all the details about that meeting, the place and time.

With the Contapp you will have the possibility to enter the exact location where you scanned that business card, having an integrated with Google Maps system.

A smart and helpful feature of this business app, an organizing tool to keep the business card contact details secure and at reach.

  • My Library

Networking is a big part of find and increase the number of your customers and creating partnerships, and the exchange of details is extremly important.

Business cards have played and still play a huge role in connecting people, they contain the valuable information and with the help of Contapp, you can create a profile of anyone you meet , by scanning their business card and store it in your phone.

  • Share Business Card Details

Contactlessly share business cards using proximity technology with other Contapp users, or via email, social media and other messaging platforms

With just a few clicks you can share contactlessly the details of a business card using proximity technology with other registered Contapp user by email, social media or other messaging platforms.

It is a better and more efficient way to manage your business contacts, and keeping your business network in your pocket!

This year, the current global pandemic situation has shown us the value of technology and communication, the importance of apps and smart and reliable online systems, such as Contapp.

We hope that you are aware now of the damaging impact of paper waste and the need to step in a new technological era, as a successful business owner.

Contapp is available to download on mobile on GooglePlay and AppStore.

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